Tanya E. Norris

Celebrity Fitness & Lifestyle Consultant.

CEO at Fitness Management & the Wellness Loft/Home Gym Design.

(Formerly Fitness Management & Wellness For Women) 

Wife to Boxing Legend Terry Norris. 

Founder of Final Fight "The Terrible Terry Norris Foundation"

Creator of World Champion Cardio Boxing (This program helps to assist in raising funds for The FF Foundation)

Box-ON-The-BARRE, TNoMethod, HOTSCULPT, SWEATBOX, and many other fitness programs.

For more than 20 years, Tanya's emphasis and dedication on helping her clients obtain, achieve, and maintain a healthy lifestyle has led to Tanya becoming one of the most prominent physical trainers and lifestyle coaches in Los Angeles. Her work speaks volumes in the wide variety of clients who seek her guidance. Her clientele ranges from stay-at-home Moms, Athletes, Celebrities, Super Models and Professionals: to name a few. Her simple yet successful training philosophy has resulted in her expertise being sought after. From appearances on Beverly Johnson's ull House on The OWN Network, Crunch Fitness on ESPN, SmartSolutions on HGTV, Us Weekly, Life & Style, Dr. 90210, and Oprah, Tanya has become a tour-de-force in the world of fitness. Look for her in 2012 on the new ht show Beverly Johnson's Full House. she is the featured fitness and wellness coach.

Her philosophy is a simple one: Everyone's body is different, so, an individually tailored training program specifically geared towards long-lasting achievement is key to sustainable results. While other trainers employ a mass production, generic approach to personal training, Tanya prides herself on being able to create a specialized workout program for her clients. By familiarizing herself with each client, accessing their strengths, weaknesses, special needs and skills, creating personal goals that are achievable and creating concise, targeted training programs, Tanya's approach to personal training accomplishes real results. Her targeted approach leads to the creation of a precise workout regimen which takes into account many of Life's challenges. Tanya is not just a personal trainer; she's also a life coach. 

Putting her passion to the test, Tanya has competed for over nine years in various fitness competitions, holding over seven titles. Tanya is certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine, American College of Sports Medicine, holds a degree in Exercise Psychology, and is certified with the Exercise Fitness Alliance in Pre and Post Natal fitness.

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